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Meet Maj. Brian Dennis & Nubs

happy-dog.pngMarine Maj. Brian Dennis met Nubs when the dog was running wild at a border outpost in Iraq’s Anbar Province.

When Nubs was a puppy, an Iraqi sliced off most of his ears in an attempt to make the dog tough and more alert. Another time, Nubs was stabbed with a screwdriver and Dennis nursed him back to health.

When Dennis’ military unit moved camp 70 miles away, Nubs tracked Dennis to his new location two days later. It was against the rules to keep the dog in camp, so friends of Dennis raised $3,500 to bring Nubs to San Diego, where he and Dennis were reunited after the Marine finished his tour in Iraq.

Dennis was worried Nubs wouldn’t remember him, but their reunion at Camp Pendleton showed otherwise. The 2-year-old dog drenched Dennis with doggie kisses and excited whimpers. Dennis said his first outing with Nubs was a jog on the beach to “consummate the whole journey, going from the sand of Iraq to the sand of San Diego.”

(Via San Diego Union-Tribune)

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