Wheelchair Accessible Tent

This wheelchair accessible tent is being marketed as the first tent designed for Gimpy people.

tent.pngThe tapered rectangular dome will accommodate two wheelchairs and the frame can be assembled from one side of the tent or from a wheelchair.

The combination side entry doors/windows in the sleeping area are sized for side transfer of a person onto a cot, and the pull handles on the internal doors and window zippers appear easy to grasp.

The maker says the zipperless fan door can be opened by people with mobility, strength and dexterity limitations. Once open, the wide doorway provides unobstructed access to wheelchairs or walkers.

Eds. Note: Cait wants one of these as a screen porch for our mosquito-plagued backyard. That would be about as close to camping as Marty gets. Still floating among her friends is a photo of Marty camping in California, her friends’ backpacks sitting outside the tent by Marty’s bright blue ’70s vintage Samsonite suitcase.

P.S. The insects are so bad here this summer we’re thinking of this for our voice mail message: “You have reached the Gimpy Girls’ Mosquito Farm. We’re out feeding the flock. Please leave us a message.”

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