Vertigo Be Damned!

Anyone who has ever suffered vertigo will relate to and applaud Christian Hubert, a 60-year-old Belgian now living in New York City who rides his bike from Brooklyn to Manhattan - over the bridge! click here in voice and pictures from Read the story

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2 Responses

  1. Linda Eskin Says:

    Interesting… That would be a real challenge. I had an attack of vertigo (quite seasick) recently, and one of the things I could not do was to walk around the corner into my office. That sudden change of visual depth was nauseating. Very weird. Visually-complex things rushing past, like when one walks down the aisle of a supermarket, was also very uncomfortable. Riding a bike across a bridge would include both of those visual stimuli, in spades.

  2. Marty Says:

    I only experience vertigo at high altitudes, which for me means 3-feet off the floor and higher. I tried for years to walk across the bridge from Portland, Maine, into South Portand, and it isn’t even very high off the water. But the “rushing past” and the “sudden change of visual depth” you describe was too much for me and I always turned back once I got over open water.

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