Triton Body Dryer

We don’t know if this is being sold in North America, but in Britain they have a ceiling-mounted dryer that purportedly eliminates the need for towels.

body-dryer.pngUsing a remote control, you adjust the heat and power and then “simply stand and enjoy the warm air” flowing around you from the Triton Body Dryer.

The Triton would benefit people with limited mobility, especially those who have trouble bending, balancing or need help in toweling off.

Featured below is a demo of the dryer on YouTube. But since the video features a nude young woman caressing her lithe glistening body, you may be asked to sign in to YouTube and promise that you are over age 18.

Eds. Note: Writing about the nude in the Triton video made us remember the scene in the movie “Knocked Up,” where the testosterone-driven characters seek to create a Web site listing the exact times to the second when naked nubile nymphs take to the screen in popular movies.

Our site, however, is different. Purists, we disdain popular movies and document nudity found only in home health products.

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