Tip: Safeguarding Buttons

We like to take beautiful or unusual buttons and swap them in place of the cheesy and cheap buttons that often come on a blouse or coat.

Here’s a couple of tips to safeguard precious buttons during cleaning:

1) If dry cleaning, ask your cleaner to put your garment in a net bag. That way, if a button falls off it won’t get lost and you can later reattach it.

2) Use Velcro to pad the buttons so they don’t break or chip:

vecro.jpgCut both pieces of Velcro to a size slightly larger than the button. Cut one of the pieces up the center to the middle and slip it over the button so the button is resting on the Velcro, as seen here.


Take the other piece and press it on the piece with the button and you then have the padded button protector, seen right.

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