The Sigg Bottle

Go to outdoor sporting events and you will see Sigg bottles attached to many.

sigg-red.pngInvented in Switzerland in 1908, the extraordinarily light Sigg was rated by Backpacker magazine as the world’s toughest water bottle and it is so classic looking that it’s in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

Made of aluminum, it imparts no taste or scent to water or even acidic juices. The Sigg Web site offers 144 designs by more than 30 independent artists and the bodies and lids are interchangeable and can hook to your belt, chair, backpack or bike. (Or in Cait’s case, her adult tricycle.)sigg-purple.png

Sigg claims that many of its bottles in Europe are still being used 10-20 years after purchase. If that’s true, and the idea catches on in North America, it could help reduce the number of plastic bottles now filling our waste dumps.

Eds. Note: Aluminum requires a lot of energy to manufacture so we’re not so sure Sigg is as Green as it portrays itself to be on its Web site. But, in our opinion, it surely must be Greener to own one aluminum bottle and use it for years rather than routinely buying and tossing plastic bottles.

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  1. lauren Says:

    I finally bought myself a sigg aluminum bottle after using a rubbery one for years.its got a charming black and white swiss mountain design on it,and yes there are many many designs to chose from.I find it keeps the water i carry colder and no odd taste is imparted to it.i do wish it had a flip open spout for drinking while driving i found the screwtop not so easy to do one handed.i also must remember to bring it in from the car while it still freezes out, hope i can do that from now on.-L

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