The Oliso Auto-Lift Steam Iron


Marty, who counts ironing among her hobbies, was startled when Cait recommended Oliso irons.

Cait doesn’t iron and has never owned an iron. So you know the Oliso must be unusual if it’s making Cait step near an ironing board.

Marty, who is never without a high-quality auto-shutoff iron, was immediately impressed by the ergonomics and safety features of the Oliso and the way it lifts automatically to minimize scorching when the iron stops.

Marty also was titillated by the Oliso’s “detailer” which lets the nose of the iron get deep into pockets, cuffs and around buttons. That alone is the difference between a shirt crisply ironed by a pro and one done by an amateur who concentrates only on the big wrinkles.

If the Oliso is as good as it claims, Marty’s next iron will be the Oliso TG-800 or, better yet, the TG-1000 as seen here.

Watch this video of the Oliso out on the test track.

Eds. Note: For the record, Marty’s personal ironing arsenal includes a Jiffy J-2000 and the Jiffy Esteam.

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