The ObusForme Seat And Back

In 1992, Cait got an ObusForme Low Back and Seat to ease back pain she was suffering from a poorly designed office chair. The ObusForme proved so beneficial she took it with her on planes, trains and in cars for the next 15 years, finally passing it on in 2007 to Marty, who now uses it when she works at the computer.

obusforme-lowback.pngGranted, our ObusForme has not been in use every day of the last 15 years, but it’s seen heavy-duty use, proved nearly indestructible and remains so comfortable that Marty often has to shoo a dog from her chair because they like to nap on the ObusForme.

The ObusForme Seat works independently or together with either the High Back or Low Back support for a seating system. They support your pelvis in a comfortably balanced position and evenly distribute body weight, easing pressure point problems. Lightweight, the seat and back fold easily when you need to pack it up and hit the road.obusforme-seat.png

The back rest includes a removable lumbar pad and the hypoallergenic, brushed nylon cover can be removed from the back and seat and sponge washed.

To our eyes, the design has changed little during the last 15 years, proving quality lasts. When it’s time to get a new one, we’ll go with the same model and donate this one to our dogs, who snore so happily when they get the chance to nap on it.

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