The Handy Bar

Cait’s family was introduced to the Handy Bar several years ago when her parents were in a serious car accident.

handy-bar.pngThe hospital therapists showed Cait’s father how to lean on it to get in and out of a car more easily and he found it indispensable to his recovery.

The sturdy Handy Bar easily fits most cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles that have a “U” shaped striker plate in the door frame. There’s no installation - the bar simply drops into place and then stows away under the seat, in a console or in a glove box.

The Handy Bar is ideal for pregnant women and Gimpy people with knee, hip or back problems. Supports up to 300 pounds.handy-bar-in-use.png

Watch this video of the Hand Bar

Attention Limo Drivers: Cait believes every limousine should be equipped with a Handy Bar, especially for wedding and funerals where Gimpy relatives often are in attendance.

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