R.I.P. Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth has died at his home in Chadds Ford, Pa., at the age of 91.

Our friend Mindy Shrum Alexander was influenced by Wyeth and his Christina’s World when she wrote this post for us about Gimpy Garden Pillows.

While Mindy and millions of others saw Christina’s World as a iconic portrait, it turns out Wyeth said he thought of it as a “complete flat tire” when he originally sent it off to the Macbeth Gallery in Manhattan in 1948. The Museum of Modern Art bought it for $1,800.

In Read the story The New York Times had this to say about Christina’s World.

“Wyeth had seen Christina Olson dragging herself across a Maine field. To him she was a model of dignity who preferred to live in squalor rather than be beholden to anyone. It was dignity of a particularly dour, hardened, misanthropic sort, to which Wyeth throughout his career seemed to gravitate.

“Oftentimes people will like a picture I paint because it’s maybe the sun hitting on the side of a window and they can enjoy it purely for itself,” Wyeth once said. “It reminds them of some afternoon.

“But for me, behind that picture could be a night of moonlight when I’ve been in some house in Maine, a night of some terrible tension, or I had this strange mood. Maybe it was Halloween. It’s all there, hiding behind the realistic side.”

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  1. Benson Says:

    Somehow I missed this news. Thanks for posting!

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