The Piaggio MP3 - A Boomer’s Motorcycle

With its compact size, quick response and exceptional stability, the Piaggio MP3 motorcycle is our dream ride around town.

piaggio-mp3.pngThanks to its two-front wheels, the MP3, at $7,000, is surprisingly easy to ride and provides more confidence than a traditional two-wheeler when taking on wet asphalt and rough roads.

Cait is a motorcycle fan. Marty is not. But both of us want an MP3, which has a 250 cc engine and requires a motorcycle driver’s license.

While the MP3 is easy to keep upright, it weighs about 400 pounds so you must be strong enough to steady it. Because of the three wheels you can, however, get off the bike and it will stand on its own. With practice, you can come to a complete stop at a light and not have to put your feet on the ground.

It’s easy to get on and off and the ride feels like a comfortable chair - easy on our Gimpy bodies. The motorcycle’s automatic transmission eliminates the need to use your feet and legs for shifting and braking and the storage space under the seat is ample enough for a back pack and shoes or a bag of groceries.

Test drive one. It’s a lot of fun!

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Eds. Note: We scooped Wired magazine by a month on this scooter! That is huge for two not-so-high-tech women operating this show by themselves!

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