The One And Only Mr. 7 Hands

Cait & Marty keep Mr. Seven Hands in their kitchens, their garages and their communal garden shed.

Mr. 7 HandsThe several sizes of flathead and phillips screwdrivers fold down into a wide handle that provides plenty of torque and a solid grip for bigger jobs, while easily handling those annoyingly tiny screws in computers and eyeglasses.

Mr. 7 Hands is the perfect gift for someone starting out on their own or for an apartment dweller who uses a kitchen drawer as a toolbox. It can be found at Target for about $10 plus tax, last time we checked, and for about $14-17 plus shipping on line.

Mr. 7 Hands’ weak point is its nearly useless flashlight. In our opinion, the addition of an led flashlight would make Mr. 7 Hands the best household tool of all time.

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2 Responses

  1. ken Says:

    A few weeks ago I had occasion to partially dismantle my vacuum cleaner and found Mr. 7 Hands to be the perfect tool. I needed two different sized Phillips screwdrivers and though I had both in my tool box, what could be easier than just grabbing one tool! I bought my brother one, even though he has many tools already. Thanks for making my life easier!

  2. The GimpyGirls » Blog Archive » Lithium-Ion 3.6V Driver Set Says:

    [...] it with the Condo Hammer and Mr. 7 Hands and you nearly have a complete tool box — of which could fit in the drawer of your condo, [...]

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