Mop Slippers

Mop Slippers, in our opinion, have one use – reaching into places a mop can’t reach and where a Gimpy person can’t bend to wipe by hand.

Marty keeps a pair under her bathroom sink to whip out once a week — O.K., once a month, maybe — to clean around her toilet and in the corners of the bathroom.

Mop SlippersFor that, Mop Slippers are great, but don’t believe the ads that say they’ll make floor-cleaning easier. They won’t.

They’ll just make floor cleaning more hazardous, especially if you wear both of them and go sliding around. Marty wears just one when she cleans the bathroom so she can stay steady on her feet.

The ads say one size fits all – which no one should believe about ANYTHING. Marty’s mongo size 11 foot fits the Mop Slipper so those of you with dainty(er) feet still will need the maid to do your dirty work or a thick sock between you and the machine-washable Mop Slipper.

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