Mobigrip – Protect That Handset

Marty needed a Mobigrip on a recent flight when her iPod slipped off her lap and under the seat in front of her.

The iPod then slid so far forward she couldn’t retrieve it until the plane landed and she could get down on her hands and knees in the aisle and hunt for it. Not a fun time. Not a pretty picture.

The Mobigrip is a peel-and-stick gizmo that attaches to the underside of a cell phone, iPod, glucose meter, television remote and so on. The Mobigrip’s band slips over your finger, making it more difficult for the object to fall. Useful for people who have limited hand strength or are just plain klutzy, like Marty.

The Mobigrip people have this cute video on their Web site, where you can see the various Mobigrip colors.

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