Early on, Marty came to believe that given enough library time she could solve most anything.

Her first library “Ah-Ha!” came when she read the key to surviving an avalanche: Work up enough spit to drool and then tunnel the opposite way. The premise being that gravity pulls the drool down, so you need to dig in the opposite direction to get up and out.

Abundantly curious, Marty often was gripped with the urge to know more about many things. When her mother said, “Never put a pressurized can near a flame,” Marty tossed an empty can of hairspray into the family fireplace. Forty-five years later, Marty still remembers the KABOOM of the flying shrapnel and cinders that spared her but scorched her mother’s rug.

Channeling that curiosity, Marty grew up to be a reporter for various newspapers and The Associated Press and continues writing today.

For herself - as a Baby Boomer - and for many of her friends, Marty retains a passion for finding answers to life’s solvable problems. Be it the perfect pair of grips for walking on ice, the best heating pad for neck pain, or the best hand-held shower head, Marty likely knows about it. If not - curious as always - she will find out.

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