Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

Misty Lamb, of Nashville, Tenn., gave us the following tip about an easier way to wear jewelry:

“This may not be a big deal to you but I love magnetic attachments for jewelry. You (or someone else if you have MS fingers) attach the magnets to the clasps of a necklace and then you can just snap the jewelry on and off.” will take you to a site where magnetic clasps are sold. (Apparently, this one has a safety clasp so if the magnet inadvertently pops open, the safety clasp will keep the necklace from falling. Reviewers also say this one works better with heavy necklaces than some other magnetic clasps.)

For a top-of-the-line magnetic clasp, see your local jewelry store.

In closing her note to us, Misty left us with this, “I have a big Mary Poppins-style purse so I can keep my fold-a-cane with me all the time.”

Eds. Note: MS fingers in the 2nd paragraph refers to someone with Multiple Sclerosis. Or in Marty’s case, someone who’s just naturally clumsy.

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