Gimpy Garden Pillows

Melinda Shrum Alexander, a friend of Marty’s for the last 25 years, tends a gorgeous garden in Massachusetts with her husband, Mark. Here, she writes about using old pillows when she gardens:

I was told that Christina, seen above, was “Gimpy,” that she had crawled her way into this picture! So it seems appropriate to use her for the “Garden Pillow” post. Wouldn’t Christina be more comfortable if she was set upon a beautiful pillow, rich with the tapestries of the 1940s?
Using a garden pillow came to me when I could no longer bend, when my flat ass provide little cushion, when my knobby knees hit every pebble or rock and my long legs and aching back needed a rest. 

Oh to be reclined, set on a pillow in my garden, lazily plucking weeds, watching bees, planting seedlings or just taking in the glorious smell of my rich soil.

The perfect pose for a Lazy Girl in her garden basking in the sun. I have used old couch pillows, chair cushions from the sixties, goose down and store bought.

No matter the type, a garden pillow will set you above the rest and be the envy of your neighbors. It is the kind of gesture that if you saw me on my pillow you would knock your head and say “Why didn’t I think of that!”

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2 Responses

  1. Marty Says:

    Andrew Wyeth R.I.P

  2. lauren paradise Says:

    Love the idea of a garden pillow to move along with you instead of sitting in the dirt like i do.i cannot kneel well on one knee ,why not get totally comfy and weed or pick tomatoes.i am already eyeing an old dogbed pillow that would be ideal-thanks lauren.

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