Gimpy and Glamorous. Who Knew?

Gwyneth Paltrow — W MagazineGwyneth Paltrow was recovering from a bum knee when W magazine decided to incorporate her crutches into a long-scheduled photo shoot.Gwyneth Paltrow with daughter Apple
Yes, she’s Gwyneth – blond, lean and lovely by dint of DNA. But she sure makes crutches and pajamas look good. Notice in the photo of her in “real life” – with her daughter, Apple – she’s wisely padded the top of the crutches for a little relief.

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  1. Francine Says:

    Ms. Paltrow obviously read the Gimpy Girls’ post “Heels With A Cane – Bad Idea.” I notice that she is wearing “sensible” shoes, though I’m not sure about the skirt.


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