Four Ways To Fold A T-Shirt

Our friend Tom Lowy of Philadelphia maintains there’s only one way to store T-shirts - carefully roll each one up and stack them together in a drawer.

It’s quick, space efficient and, surprisingly, they come out fairly wrinkle free. And if you exercise as much as Tom, and go through T-shirts as quickly as Tom, it’s definitely the way to go.

If, however, you like taking better care of your shirts than Tom, here’s three other ways to fold them by buying something, making something or just using your pinkies.

The Flip-Fold comes in several sizes, is sturdy and would be easy to use if you have limited coordination and strength.

If you’re crafty, here’s a do-it-yourself flip fold made from cardboard, and if you’re fingers are nimble, here’s the way to fold it yourself using just your pinkies.

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