Flower Fire Extinguishers

flowers.pngThese clever artificial flowers are used to put out oil and grease fires.

They have magnets and stick to your refrigerator or other magnetic surface. If you have a fire, you simply grab them and toss them on the flames, where they melt into a gooey film and extinguish the blaze – as shown in the video below.

Melted, these flowers make quite a mess, but then so does the spray from a canister fire extinguisher, or worse – the destruction and mess of a fire unchecked.

These fire flowers, which are not unattractive, strike us as a novel and amusing yet highly practical gift. You would be remembered every time the cook sees them in his or her kitchen. And in the event of a fire your name would be revered!

(via Random Good Stuff)

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2 Responses

  1. Margo Says:

    Brilliant! Lovely! You come up with the BEST stuff!!!

  2. lauren Says:

    Those are so clever i will look for them certainly.L

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