Cross Two Fat Ladies and you end up with something pretty dang close to the Gimpy Girls.

Cheerfully preoccupied with gadgets, gardening, scavenged treasures, and smart design, the Gimpy Girls - Cait & Marty - point you to smart solutions for Baby Boomers, the Disabled, and the Just Plain Lazy. We’re not kidding - this site is the next best thing to those “Cheaters” that are glued to your forehead.

An astounding 51 million people - that’s 18 percent of all Americans - have a disability. Add to that the 78 million Baby Boomers just now hitting their sixties and, well, that’s a boatload of Gimpy people!

The Gimpy Girls are focused on living safer and staying healthy longer, in spite of their somewhat wobbly personal architecture. And you can, too! Knock yourself out with this indispensable resource, loaded with our favorite tricks, tools, and clever go-arounds that will start improving the quality of your life RIGHT NOW.

If you don’t need us now, you better bookmark TheGimpyGirls.com anyway, because you WILL need us later. And in the meantime, share us with the Gimpy folks you know and love. They’ll thank you for it.

With Gimpy Good Wishes,

Cait & Marty
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