Enter To Win “Planthropology” by Ken Druse

druseThis 287-page stunner by acclaimed garden writer Ken Druse is what you need to get to spring and back into your own garden.

Druse shows us botanical marvels and introduces us to plant explorers who face danger searching for rare and exotic specimens, all in the name of preserving threatened species.

Filled with facts, punctured myths and practical wisdom, this gloriously illustrated book celebrates the secret stories of plants and explains their role in daily life, now and since ancient times.

For example, plant petunias if you like sitting on your patio after dark. Why? Because they are evening fragrant - their pollinators only come out at night.

And have you ever noticed the beautiful spiraling patterns on sunflower heads? Druse says all plants feature such spirals, and that they correspond exactly to mathematical principles that captivated history’s great thinkers and artists.

Margaret Roach of here.

To win this copy, simply leave a comment below before Feb. 2 telling us a little about your gardening fantasies. The winner’s name will be picked at random. Because of shipping costs, you must live in Canada or the United States. Sorry Bora Bora.

The Winner: Congratulations Mr. Tumnas: Please contact us with your address so we can send you this beautiful book.

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9 Responses

  1. Jana Says:

    My dream garden would be something quite similar to the Path to Freedom homestead in Pasadena. Perhaps someday I’ll get close to that level of beauty and productiveness. :)

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    oh oh oh me me me me!
    My garden fantasies are at their ripest right about NOW, when my actual Maine garden has 18 inches of snow covering it and my kitchen counter is littered with seed catalogs. My fantasy garden has No Weeds, including NO Grass (major crabgrass incursion last year). And it comes with a gardener. Or at least annual advisory visits by Ken Druse or Margaret Roach. And the tall flowers would be in the back and the short flowers would be in the front. (What a concept!) Then in the vegetable garden, there would be 20-plus Tomato plants (my favorite) planted to ripen before the first frost. And herbs and lettuce. Again, no weeds. That’s all. :)

  3. Naimhe Says:

    Not being one much for plant books, this sounds really interesting. Any book that would help me figure out where and what to plant is a much needed thing around here.

  4. mrtumnas Says:

    My garden fantasy would be a 2 or 3 acre edible paradise in the Mediterranean. Like Sicily or somewhere…A huge vegetable garden in flawlessly cultivated beds and rows filled with rampant tomato vines, melons, and all kinds of greens. There would be plenty of olive trees as well as grape vines on rough wooden trellises. Fig trees galore! At the center of the garden would be an old, small stone house with Akebia vines growing up one side (if Akebia even grows in Sicily..) At the back door would be a circular herb garden with all sorts of tea herbs…
    That’s just one- I have many fantasy concept gardens..including my own, which I love very much but is far from ideal

  5. Leslie Kuss Says:

    My garden fantasy is to have enough space to plant all the things I want to try, to grow at least half the veggies and fruit we eat, and to have a quiet meditative area with a view of blooms and foliage.

  6. Jeannie Says:

    My dream garden would be by the Pacific Ocean. I’d have a cottage and it would look out to the sea. Perhaps Oregon, perhaps California. Sometimes it would be misty and overcast. I’d go outside and wear my boots and dress warm and listen to the sea gulls while I deadheaded the roses. I’d deserve a greenhouse in such a place, don’t you think?

  7. LjTx Says:

    My yard has become a blank slate. My lab mix dogs are now 4 yrs old and for the most part the digging stage has been outgrown. My backyard use to have a large flower bed & raised veggie bed that I used flower in as natural bug deturnats. (it was a nice high spot for the dogs to lay)

    We will start our planting again and I am always looking for unique ideas and trivia to pass on to friends and family who visit.

  8. kikiwa Says:

    My gardening fantasy involves a small but fertile patch of land that gets 8 hours of sunlight, and that’s wrapped in an invisibility cloak so the deer can’t see it. My fantasy also involves having THOSE PEOPLE in my family eagerly and cheerfully helping me plant and weed and water. Finally, my fantasy features all purple flowers. What can I say? I’m a giant Prince fan….oceans of violets in bloom, etc. etc.

  9. Liisa Says:

    My garden fantasies today are all about the little things. As my garden sleeps under a foot of snow, I am dreaming about those early morning walks through the garden. I can feel the sun on my back, and the only sound is that of the birds. As I sip my coffee, I can take inventory of what needs pruning, what is blooming, and the plant that would look so much better if it was just a foot or two to the left… My fantasy includes the anticipation of spring blooms, and seeing those bulbs I planted last fall. Can’t wait until spring…

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