Eileen Thompson’s Definition of Comfort

Eileen is a Chicago “Trend Spotter” who’s still working while thinking about retirement. She’s reached the point where comfort is a priority, especially when it comes to dealing with her arthritis.

She speaks for many of us when she writes about adjusting for comfort at home, including what her comfort-level demands in the way of clothing:

“It’s making me pickier and pickier in terms of clothes. Clothes that stretch and don’t get in the way when I need to bend my knees or reach over my head.  Coats and jackets that are light in weight so they don’t drag on my shoulders when I’m driving or walking, especially walking quickly.   Sweaters that keep me warm but aren’t itchy, especially around the neck.  (I just decided to give away a super-warm Missoni sweater meant to wear at some ski lodge that is knit beautifully but out of scratchy mohair).  Shoes that don’t pinch my toes or have too low or high a heel; boots that let my ankles bend and have rubber soles to help keep me from slipping on snow or ice.”

(via Life Meets Work)

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3 Responses

  1. natalia Says:

    i have always valued comfort in clothes and shoes, i guess because of sensitivities… and i suppose as i get to be over 40 i will want it even more strongly. thankfully lots of comfortable stuff is nice-looking, now.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I *think we can still be fashionable while comfortable (I hope I’m not kidding myself!)
    Never wearing my Manolos again

  3. Lauren Says:

    I do shop differently as i age i look for comfort and simple clothes and yes softer fabrics ,and i stay away from too trendy items that are meant for 15 yr.olds truly.

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