Drive-Up Please

Many of us don’t appreciate physical conveniences until our bodies make it difficult for us to accomplish even the routine of daily life.

Cait has been rather immobile as of late and the inability to run errands and stay on top of her life was giving her Cabin Fever far too early in the season.

Riding in the car was fine. But the getting in and out was hell, especially when it came to slippery parking lots and unsanded sidewalks.

So she looked at what she needed to do, organized her route and in one drive took herself to breakfast, the bank, the pharmacy and the mailbox at the post office - all of which had drive-ups.

The drive-ups got her out and about, she listened to a good music CD she had just burned on her computer and her dogs got to ride through the Big Wide World, which ranks high on their entertainment list.

When Cait first moved from Canada to the United States, she dismissed this country’s many drive-ups as conveniences for lazy people - not that there is anything wrong with being lazy!

These days, however, it’s not much of a stretch to say that Cait finds drive-ups a life-sustaining necessity.

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  1. Linda Eskin Says:

    I used to think of drive-ups as the height of laziness, too. There used to be a drive-up window at a “dairy” (really a convenience store) in my area, and I’d think “My gosh. How lazy do you have to be to not run in and buy a carton of milk?” But then I talked to a few moms… Imagine a couple of rowdy kids in the car, or a sleeping infant in the car seat. Suddenly a drive-up window makes perfect sense.

    On a related note, I spent several months recovering from surgeries a few years ago… Right at the same time HomeGrocer was going strong. How wonderful that was!

    Long live laziness (and all those other things)!

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