Aug 27

sky.jpgCait took some liberties with the color of the sky when she shot the flowers of these hyacinth beans, but her version was so pretty we decided to keep it - artistic license.

The pods and seeds of the hyacinth bean are poisonous so we plant them in containers high enough to be kept out of reach of our dogs - who are pigs and will eat most anything.

The vines are fairly slow growing until warm weather hits and then they blast off. Cait shot these over her head where they’ve grown to a height of more than 10 feet this summer.

The striking fragrant flowers give way to long dark beans, which we pick and save for the next season.

They’re a lovely plant to pot up in the Spring and then give to a friend - who definitely will remember you with they start to bloom and perfume the air.

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Aug 27

This was designed by two college students looking for a way to give the top person in a bunk bed a small shelf.

shelf.pngBut it also would be handy for someone who has trouble reaching over to a table when they merely want to get their book, have a drink of water.

Marty, who is terrifically nearsighted, likes the idea of keeping her glasses and alarm clock closer. Its manufacturer says the shelf is designed to fit on the post of virtually any bed.

Eds Note: Is that bedspread/sham hideous or what?!

Aug 26

NPR aired a good show from San Francisco where more people are riding electric-assist bikes to deal with the difficult terrain.

Mainstream media and cycling fiends not that long ago dismissed electric-assist bikes. Now, finally, these bikes are gaining a serious following.

NPR for previous posts we’ve done on electric bikes.

Aug 26

This stylish sensor pump has gotten rave reviews and would be a boon to people with limited hand mobility and arthritis.

pump.pngIt automatically dispenses liquid soap - or hand lotion - by simply placing your hand under the sensor. Four settings let you determine how much soap or lotion is dispensed based on the thickness of the liquid.

The drawback is it operates on four AA batteries. So many small appliances do these days that it pays to own rechargeable batteries and a charger, which are easy to find these days at reasonable prices.

Cait wants one of these sensors but won’t allow one in the house because her husband, Doug, would take such a fancy to it that they would run through batteries in no time.

To see a video click here and then on the video icon to the left under the photo of the sensor.

Aug 25


Our candy stripe zinnias thrived with little attention this summer in The Gimpy Garden. They are beautiful alongside almost any plant and so easy to grow that we’re planning to plant many more next year.

It’s been an exceptionally buggy summer, prompted by monsoon Spring rains which spurred waves of flying, crawling, digging and munching insects. Japanese beetles decimated our containers of kale and basil while the cucumbers and melons we planted in metal buckets and old livestock feeders spent much of the summer under floating row cloth to protect them from moth larvae that burrow into the young stems.

Then, despite a good crop, there was the widespread tomato blight and cucumber wilt that turned the foliage into ugly brown crinkled leaves.

We must garden differently next season. Well, more efficiently. We got behind the ball in late June and never recovered. So we spent the summer chasing garden problems rather than anticipating them.

When fall turns to winter and everything outside is put to bed, we’ll ease our garden grief by planning a low-cost easy-to-use drip or absorption system for containers and an elevated system for compost tea to replenish the nutrients lost to watering our container gardens.

Aug 25


backsaver.pngStout’s friends liked it so much they transferred the grip to their garden and snow shovels, rakes, push brooms, pool skimmers, paint extension poles, tree trimmers and saltwater fishing rods.

Its creator says this back-saving Gimpliment improves the performance of long-handled tools by transferring effort from the back to the legs, which lets the user stand up straighter under a heavy load and ease the strain on the back, neck and shoulders.

Click here to see a video of the backsaver in action.

Aug 25


Insects ravaged many of our flowers this year, but passed by these lovely Green Zinnias which stand about 30 inches tall and send up more buds as you cut them throughout late summer.

These reach their deepest lime color in partial shade and turn more yellow chartreuse in full sun. They are incredibly easy to grow and have attracted many hummingbirds and butterflies to our garden this summer.

Aug 24

If you discount Cait’s lust for Big Box stores (see Eds. Note at bottom), we believe that smaller and simpler is the best way to live.

eric-ripert.pngThat’s why we’re intrigued with Eric Ripert, seen here, who prepares everything in a

While Cuisinart is a sponsor for the site, most everything Chef Eric cooks presumably could be made in any generic toaster oven, including his Parmesan Zucchini with Balsamic.

Chef Eric’s videos are lively, his writing clear and his memories of France heavenly. In 2007 GQ Magazine named Ripert’s restaurant “Le Bernardin” one of “Seven Food Temples of the World.” When not in the kitchen, Ripert says he enjoys good tequila and peace and quiet. Clearly, he’s our kind of guy.

Eds. Note: Cait’s fixation (we hesitate to call it a disease) with Big Box stores just grabs hold of her. Most recently it’s been her unbridled excitement over the opening of our city’s first Costco. A few months ago, it was the opening of a Super Target and before that a Super Walmart.

Cait actually is quite frugal so it’s not like she spends a fortune when she goes there. It’s more the thrill of jumping on a new fully charged electric cart, throwing wide the throttle and cruising the aisles unimpeded. A straight rush to her head.

Aug 24

In the Gimpy House of the Future every bathroom will have a hi-tech Japanese toilet/bidet with heated seat, warm-water rinse, warm-air drying and electric lift.

The WashletFor today, however, we must be content with viewing the Washlet Web site, which flashes the viewer with a lovely array of perfectly shaped smiling rear-ends.

While sanitizing toilets have been used in Japan for years, the phenomenon is new to the United States. And what better way to sell something to an American than to market it as making us HAPPIER!

“I never thought my toilet could be an oasis of comfort and happiness. Who knew,” gushes one customer at Washlet Web site

The Washlet made by Toto Corp. - Japan’s largest toilet maker - and similar models from rival Inax Corp. and NAIS Corp. do hold benefits for the Gimpy, which you’ll see on the Washlet web site.

Models in use in Japan include arm rests and electric lifts that tilt the seat up and forward to help the user stand. Others include sensors that measure blood sugar in the urine and calculate the user’s pulse, blood pressure and body fat through sensors in the seat.

We especially want the one with air conditioning below the rim for hot summer days. (We are not making this up!)

Click here to learn why women especially appreciate these toilets and why some of Inax’s toilets play the opening of Felix Mendelssohn’s Op. 62 Nr. 6 Fruhlingslied.

Aug 24

flowers.pngThese clever artificial flowers are used to put out oil and grease fires.

They have magnets and stick to your refrigerator or other magnetic surface. If you have a fire, you simply grab them and toss them on the flames, where they melt into a gooey film and extinguish the blaze - as shown in the video below.

Melted, these flowers make quite a mess, but then so does the spray from a canister fire extinguisher, or worse - the destruction and mess of a fire unchecked.

These fire flowers, which are not unattractive, strike us as a novel and amusing yet highly practical gift. You would be remembered every time the cook sees them in his or her kitchen. And in the event of a fire your name would be revered!

(via Random Good Stuff)

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