Jun 30

Cait is dying to have this motorized cooler. This is what she had to say about it in trying to convince Marty to post it on our Web site:

motorized-cooler.png“I know this is a silly item and it is unlikely that some Gimpy person will ride it to a picnic. But I think it is fun and it’s summer celebration time! It would be so cool to ride into Central Park on this thing. The Gimpy person would be the hit of the park!”

Click here if you have the $500 to shell out for a motorized cooler. (Cait does not. But she’s secretly hoping the manufacturer will drop one on her for pimping it here. Highly unlikely. But let the girl dream.)

YouTube clip of two girls riding the cooler for all they are worth.

Eds Note: Marty likes that the cooler opens to allow access to chilled beverages while driving. Fourteen miles per hour and a chilled beverage. Born to be wild!

Jun 30


We have an extensive garden where everything is grown in raised wood beds or in containers, as shown here with this lovely Globe Zucchini in flower.

The Globe variety tastes the same as most other zucchini but its round shape is a departure from the abundantly procreative zeppelin-shaped zucchini that consumes the backyard in late summer.

The Globe variety, in our opinion, is much cuter!

Jun 30

Cait is fair-skinned and a medication she takes makes her extra sun sensitive and exposes her to a higher rate for contracting melanoma.

melanoma-bracelet.pngShe’s diligent about slathering up with Aveeno SunScreen for sensitive skin with an SPF of 75.

Now she’s come across these photosensitive wristbands that change color to let her know when she is being exposed to harmful UV rays.

They’re fairly unassuming, some might even say attractive. Click here to learn more

Jun 29

Cait & Marty are avid worm composters. Our worm bin stays outside in a shady cool spot during the warmer months and comes indoors during our arctic winters.

Because there is no heavy lifting, it’s a great way to compost if you have mobility issues. And the worms turn everything from coffee grounds to dryer lint into rich compost that makes your garden thrive.

If you haven’t tried it but are curious, click hear to read about one woman who turned to worm composting after she became disabled with a chronic illness.

Jun 24

Cait’s parents introduced us to these wonderful polarized sunglasses called Cocoons.

cocoons.pngThey fit so comfortably over your regular prescription eyeglasses that you don’t know you are wearing two pair.

Cait’s mother, Joan, says she actually feels her eyes and facial muscles relax when she wears them because she no longer squints and strains against the sun. Joan says everyone in her crowd who has had cataract surgery wears Cocoons.

Stylish Cocoons come in various discrete styles and are a big improvement over the old post-surgical eye wear that wrapped around your head and virtually told everyone you had eye issues.

Jun 23

In the best of all worlds, every Gimpy Dog would have a ramp and/or stairs to ease the pain of getting in and out of the car and on and off the bed.Piglet

Between their two households, Cait & Marty share four dogs - one still in his youth, two in middle age and the fourth, Piglet (seen here), our official Gimpy Canine who was rescued from a ‘kill shelter’ in Tennessee. (These are the people who saved her.)

Piglet has a set of steps to help her reach the bed, but she dreams of getting this deluxe car ramps just for being a Good Dog.

In the meantime, Piglet is praying she never gets put in one of these!

Learn how to choose a dog ramp

Jun 23


From time to time, we foster dogs who are too abused, sick and/or disabled to go right to permanent “forever” homes.

One of our favorites was Merv, pictured here, who had the body of a wiener dog and the coat of a soft shaggy lamb. Cait called Merv a “lap-seeking missile” because you couldn’t sit down without Merv joining you.

In the eight months Merv was at The Cait & Marty Rehab Camp, he blossomed from an emaciated weakling to a strong little hunk, as seen here.

Merv’s transformation made us think of this quote from amazon.com

Eds. Note: Merv found his forever home with a lovely couple in Appleton, Wisconsin, where he has become the canine mayor and greeter of his town. We hear Merv is so popular he is contemplating a run for the governor’s office in 2009. Go Merv!!!

Jun 23

An engineer in Idaho teamed with rescuers in Alaska to save a bald eagle who was starving to death from a bullet wound to her beak.

“Eating with her beak was like using one chopstick. She also had trouble drinking and couldn’t preen her feathers,” said Jane Fink Cantwell, who found the eagle dying in a landfill in Alaska.

Click here to learn more.

Jun 18

This is one of 10 temporary and very tacky tattoos that stay on for up to three days. Thank god they are not permanent.

tattoos.pngThey’re perfect to wear to a family reunion to embarrass your spouse and children.

Other tattoos in the same package include a pill organizer wrapped in a snake and crossed bones that say “Arthritis Sucks.”

Click here to see the rest, if you must.

Eds. Note: Cait’s first words when she saw the “Born to Ride” Tattoo was, “I am so going to get that and I want it sewn across the back of a jacket.”

Marty feared Cait would feel that way.

Jun 15

A noun invented by Cait to describe any tool, or combination of tools, with the potential to make life easier for a Gimpy person.

Washlet are wondrously advanced, jaw-dropping Gimpliments.

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