Aug 30

Even if she didn’t need a cane for support, Cait would keep one in the garden because she finds it so versatile.

Cait’s cane serves as a dibber to plant seeds and tamp soil, and to bring high branches closer for pruning or to hang bird feeders.

At her potting bench, Cait’s cane pulls pots and trays of seedlings closer without her having to bend and it’s useful for spacing young plants because Cait knows the handle measures about 6-inches wide.

And last but not least, Cait’s cane makes a great impromptu Limbo Bar for those festive backyard get togethers.

Aug 27

SoundClips broadcasts the sounds that fascinate listeners of National Public Radio from the purr of a humming bird to metal reacting with dry ice.

NPR as Sandy Diamon, a nurse, offers the sound of Iraq-war veterans snapping on their prosthetic legs, something she hears regularly in her work.

Aug 27

The planners of these over-the-top theme parks have thought of every accommodation for Gimpy people.

They’ve tightened their policy on access passes, but for the better, we believe. Now, the truly Gimpy get served versus every group of college kids who used to rent a wheelchair and pass it among themselves to get to the front of the lines.

PassPorter’s Disney For Special Needs: The Take-Along Travel Guide and Planner. This guidebook covers 24 special needs categories and detailed descriptions of every Disney ride and attraction. With insider advice for dining at Disney, tales and tips from special needs travelers, and honest advice so you can feel safe and comfortable.

The links below offer basic information free from the Disney Web sites:

Click here for disability details for Disney World

Click here for disability details for Disneyland

Aug 27

Sit Down!Moira Manion works at a shop where she’s on her feet eight hours a day. Customers have told her she should sit down.

Now she has a radical idea to make that point to her employer. Listen to her broadcast from National Public Radio.

Aug 27

We love to cook but, like many of us, can’t do it for long on our feet. So we always have a sturdy stool nearby so we can sit longer at counter-height and chop, stir, and toss with less back and knee pain.

Cait uses her stool while waiting for her toast to pop and to steady her arms while refilling narrow-mouthed bottles, such as her vinegar cruette. To wash dishes, she opens the cupboard doors beneath her sink, pulls up her stool and sits with her feet just inside the cupboard.

Our good friend, Lisa Kostopoulos, par excellent chef and owner of The Good Table in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, keeps a stool in front of her stove to aid the stirring of her always perfect sauces and steel-cut oatmeal.

Maybe you bake fewer birthday cakes or put up fewer jars of pickles or your famous freezer jam. Get yourself a stool and see how much longer you can hang around your stove.

Aug 26

As baby boomers grope their way through middle age, they are encountering the daily indignities that accompany a downward slide in visual acuity: trying to read a road map in a car at night; cellphones designed for 20-year-old eyes; the minuscule letters on a bottle of aspirin; nutrition information squeezed onto a bag of peanuts.

But unlike their parents and grandparents, they are not shy about expressing their displeasure, in some cases, taking matters into their own hands or prompting companies to pay attention, reports The New York Times.

Read the story

Aug 25

Gwyneth Paltrow — W MagazineGwyneth Paltrow was recovering from a bum knee when W magazine decided to incorporate her crutches into a long-scheduled photo shoot.Gwyneth Paltrow with daughter Apple
Yes, she’s Gwyneth - blond, lean and lovely by dint of DNA. But she sure makes crutches and pajamas look good. Notice in the photo of her in “real life” - with her daughter, Apple - she’s wisely padded the top of the crutches for a little relief.

Aug 23

Let’s hear it for Sandra Bullock, who adopts abandoned and Gimpy dogs.

The dog shown here - adopted from a shelter in Long Beach, Calif. - has just two legs and walks on her hind legs, Bullock said on the Ellen DeGeneres show.picture-1.png

“She was born with like a little flipper here and a little flipper here,” Bullock said. “She’s like a little dinosaur, a velociraptor.”

“She’s got the best posture. She goes up the stairs (but) we haven’t taught her how to go down yet - that’s sort of like face-plant central, and you don’t wanna laugh.

“She just gets so excited; she takes off.”

Bullock also has a three-legged dog adopted from the same shelter.(via

Aug 23

MoMa Electric GrinderThis battery-operated, pepper, salt, or spice mill is easy to operate and has a built-in light, which could be stronger. (We await the day when all portable lights contain next-generation LED bulbs.)

The grinder has a soft-touch exterior with adjustable ceramic grinder and includes six AAA batteries and light bulb. The grinder is a little pricey at about $45 plus shipping, but it is nicely designed and requires very little thumb pressure to use.

Find it here at MoMA - New York’s Modern Museum of Art

Aug 20

MoMa Ball WhiskIn our opinion, this stainless steel 11″ ball whisk is the easiest of all whisks to clean - key if you primarily use one hand or arthritis flare-ups keep you from using both hands.

Easier to use than conventional whisks, the vibrating ball-capped rods generate more whipping action with less effort and the combination of wires of differing lengths guarantees thorough blending. Dishwasher safe.

The ball whisk’s enthusiasm requires a deep bowl. Best used for liquids and thinner batters.

Find it here at MoMA - the Museum of Modern Art

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