May 14

Born with one arm, Rick Curry is a model for the able and the disabled. Whether baking up great breads or leading theatre workshops, Curry, a Jesuit who was featured on the television show “60 Minutes,” inspires with his cookbook: The Secrets of Jesuit Breadmaking. at

May 6

Marty is fussy about her showers and spent too many years and too much money on too many shower heads before she bought the Fire Hydrant Deluxe Hand-Held Shower Head.

One of the shower heads made by Water Management Boston, the Fire Hydrant comes with an optional push-button control that lets you adjust the volume at the handle. So you can go full-force or down to a trickle as you hold the head — very useful if you need to sit to take a shower and don’t want the hose spraying everywhere.

While many hand-held showers have flimsy short hoses, the Fire Hydrant has a reinforced metal hose that stretches to 104 inches — a great range, especially when you are bathing the dog or trying to clean the corners of tub or shower.

Water Management Boston engineers their shower heads for low water pressure so you get a more powerful shower than you can imagine if you have been used to wimpy low-pressure showers that just don’t do the job. Learn more