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Oct 30

Oct 27

These articles from explain what makes hand tools ergonomic and, therefore, easier and safer for you to use.

The Fall Prevention Center tells us how to stay upright and avoid spills that sideline us from living more of life.

And finally, - pictures of clutter, ugly decor, bad taste and tacky furnishing. The antithesis of Gimpy friendly. Don’t let this be you! (And don’t eat while looking at these. It would be bad for the digestion.)

Sep 15

This morning we signed on and found a whole page of links to the very worst of porn sites. Some waste-of-skin, low-life hacked in and posted them all on a sweet story about vacation opportunities for autistic children.

We know that stuff is automatically generated — spammers have their computers search the Web for an opening and then insert their links like flies lay eggs. They apparently landed on us after finding a weakness in WordPress security.

It was disgusting and disheartening and we apologize to anyone who saw it.

Cait & Marty

Aug 5

Books for Dessert is one of the few book clubs for developmentally disabled adults. Conversations in the club have drifted from what it means to be poor to why President George W. Bush doesn’t have the authority to behead people.

Learn to be Read the story in a disaster by considering simple steps to improve your odds in an emergency.

Michelle Colvard, of Houston, has been crowned Ms. Wheelchair America, a position that will have her touring the nation to challenge stereotypes about women with disabilities.

click here, with professional urban farmers leading the way.

Aug 3

Tips on how a chair, rocks, aspirin and a scarf can keep you alive in 12 potentially life-threatening emergencies.

And on a lighter note, a video on how to fold a T-shirt in two seconds.

Jul 31

Traffic engineers in Japan are experimenting with making roads sing to alert drivers they are going too fast or too slow. They’re called Melody Roads.

Blind blues musician Jay Spell says a serious bout with cancer has given him new appreciation for life.

Artist and engineer Del Short made this amazing machine from wood with no nails or screws.

Jul 28

A Read the story on the growing number of inexpensive devices that let us monitor the energy our appliances, TVs, computers and heating and cooling system really use. The average home reportedly has 27 power-sucking devices that are always on. How many do you have?

Spectacular photos in the New York Times Read the story. We’re fans of L.E.D.’s and look forward to the day when they become cheaper to use throughout the house, especially down near floors and along walls.

Rick Manning of the Courier-Journal weighs in with his ?AID=/20080726/COLUMNISTS17/807260356/1011/SCENE
latest list of gadgets, including a twist-and-fold media tripod.

Jul 24

Eds. Note: Cait & Marty lob a lot of email at each other about ideas that each finds on the Web and then pitches to the other as a post. Cait was so passionate in her pitch this morning that Marty is just going to post the text of her email with links to what she’s opining about.


I know I sent you a lot of videos from MSNBC today but all are worth looking at and most worth posting.

I especially like the one about the two young people with chronic illness and the one about the This video. I once told a Jesuit priest that the only products of war were death and disability. He quoted me in a sermon.

The video of the bear scratching was AMAZING! Brilliant! I did not know that bears had such flexible hips! What human movements this bear made!


Jul 22

New details about September’s New York Gimpy Film Fest - dedicated to the lives, stories and artistic expressions of the Gimpy. Cait badly wants to go, but can’t because gasoline is $100 a gallon.

A terrific - and free - PDF called “Canes To Wheelchairs: Mobility Alternatives.” The guide arms the average Gimpy person with solid information about how they can best get around.

And finally, this tidbit on Seth Godin and he knows why.