Category: Glossary

Jun 15

A noun invented by Cait to describe any tool, or combination of tools, with the potential to make life easier for a Gimpy person.

Washlet are wondrously advanced, jaw-dropping Gimpliments.

Jun 26

1) Excellent food prepared by a person with a disability.

2) A person with a disability deemed physically attractive, as in the entire Men’s U.S. Wheelchair Rugby Team.

Jun 26

“A powerful and defining generation that exploded into life post World War II” — The News Perspective

“People reaching their most rewarding and exciting time of life (who have money to drop on trips, frills, gadgets and consumer goods)” — The Advertising Perspective

“Someone whose knees crack when they get up off the floor, if they can get up off the floor” — The Realist Perspective.

“A person who is almost dead” — The Teenage Perspective.

Jun 26

A derogatory term used to describe people with disabilities.

Handicapped derives from a British expression for begging: to have your cap in hand, in which beggars would collect coins to support themselves.

This term needs to disappear from our collective lexicon.

Jun 26

Refer to someone as a “wheelchair user,” rather than say she is “confined to a wheelchair,” which is a fallback to worn-out terminology that plays to the old “crippled” mindset.

Cait had a boss who traveled to more 90 countries using a wheelchair. When an airline lost his wheelchair, he adapted a luggage cart. Clearly, this man was not confined.

Jun 25

* People who do as little as possible without cheating themselves or those who depend on them.

* One who believes energy saved is energy earned.

* A person who completes tasks creatively using minimum energy.

* A person who on their day off says, “I have nothing to do and I plan to get only half of that done.”