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May 21

Cait says this should be called “Happy Buns,” rather than a portable get seat.

buns-flat.pngThis cushion weighs just 2 1/2 pounds and folds in half to carry. The manufacturer says it relieves pressure inherent in long periods of sitting and helps to prevent or lessen back strain and blood vessel and capillary constriction.buns-folded.png

The center groove eliminates pressure on the tailbone and the surface slopes slightly forward to encourage proper pelvic posture for correct lumbar curvature.

Cait wants a “Happy Buns” for the car, hard restaurant seats, uncomfortable bleacher seats and long trips on plane, trains and buses.

May 4

In 1992, Cait got an ObusForme Seat to ease back pain she was suffering from a poorly designed office chair. The ObusForme proved so beneficial she took it with her on planes, trains and in cars for the next 15 years, finally passing it on in 2007 to Marty, who now uses it when she works at the computer.

obusforme-lowback.pngGranted, our ObusForme has not been in use every day of the last 15 years, but it’s seen heavy-duty use, proved nearly indestructible and remains so comfortable that Marty often has to shoo a dog from her chair because they like to nap on the ObusForme.

The ObusForme Seat works independently or together with either the High Back or Low Back support for a seating system. They support your pelvis in a comfortably balanced position and evenly distribute body weight, easing pressure point problems. Lightweight, the seat and back fold easily when you need to pack it up and hit the road.obusforme-seat.png

The back rest includes a removable lumbar pad and the hypoallergenic, brushed nylon cover can be removed from the back and seat and sponge washed.

To our eyes, the design has changed little during the last 15 years, proving quality lasts. When it’s time to get a new one, we’ll go with the same model and donate this one to our dogs, who snore so happily when they get the chance to nap on it.

May 1

Our friend Kim sent us ideas for light-weight, packable, folding chairs. This was in response to Allie’s request to help her find the right chair for her face-painting gigs.

We’re not sure they’re an exact match for what Allie needs but they may fit your seating needs or those of someone you know:

Click here and here.

Eds Note: Cait & Marty played matchmaker and introduced Kim to her sweetheart, Robert. Take a look at Kim’s blog to see how hard we’re working to get them married off!

Apr 28

We received this request from Allie, one of our readers, and we’re printing it verbatim in case you can tell us where to find a chair like this:

“This may be one of the stranger requests you get. I’m disabled, and I paint faces. I have to carry my gear to gigs, often on trains and subways. Most of it’s not a problem, thanks to wheeled totes. What is a problem is finding a tall chair that can fold up to a small and lightweight carrying size. If I can find one, I can fit it in the tote I’m planning to buy. The best foldup dimensions and weight I’ve found are 8 by 19 by 39 and four pounds. It’s that 39 inch part that’s the problem. I can’t find any director’s chairs of bar height with truly collapsible legs. Any suggestions?”

Eds. Note: We told Allie we did not find her request strange at all. In fact, the strangest request we’ve gotten was from a man who bought a Washlet after reading our site and then wrote to say he didn’t have enough water pressure to get his rear-end clean and did we know how to fix that? We did not.

Apr 4

In summer, stores are stocked with myriad cheap folding outdoor chairs, but rarely do they prove reliable, comfortable or long-lasting.

directors-chair.pngIf you’re looking for one for the long haul, check out the cushy GCI Director’s Chair, which the Wall Street Journal raved about in its on-line review of camping chairs.

The Director’s Chair, which sells for a pricey $130, folds into its own small messenger bag. pack.pngWhen the chair is set up, the bag converts to a back-of-the-chair storage caddy.

The chair, which weighs 9 pounds but can comfortably hold a 250-pound person, is made of breathable mesh and aluminum and has telescoping legs.

triangle-chair.pngIf you’re looking for something as sturdy, but more within your budget, check out the Quik E Seat with the padded back for $30 on Web site. It doesn’t fold into a pack, but it does come with a carrying strap, and holds up to 300 pounds.

Sep 20

The Zuca is a bag on wheels with a steel-construction frame. Designed to hold up to 300 pounds, the Zuca offers a seat while waiting for the bus, attending outdoor events, or waiting in line at the airport check-in.

ZucaThe retractable telescoping handle folds away flat and the Zuca features two sets of wheels - one set for rolling it on the ground, the second set to help navigate up stairs and curbs. The wheels, designed with skateboard noise-reducing technology, feature Magneto flashing lights for extra visibility at night.

The deep bag, which comes in a variety of colors, has one main compartment and numerous outer pockets. Resist the temptation to overstuff it and make it too heavy to maneuver easily. (So easy to do at the farmer’s market!)

While we found the bench seat to be rather low - better suited to shorter people - we did appreciate how solid the seat felt. The Zuca would benefit an ambulatory person who wants to sit now and then with access to a change of shoes, a packed lunch, a beverage and some good reading material.

See the Zuca Web site to find a retailer in your area. Pricey, but well made, from $150 to $275.

Aug 27

Sit Down!Moira Manion works at a shop where she’s on her feet eight hours a day. Customers have told her she should sit down.

Now she has a radical idea to make that point to her employer. Listen to her broadcast from National Public Radio.