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Aug 2

This video has good stuff on graying glamorously. They do get annoying by repeatedly saying it’s OK to have gray hair because “today’s” hair is “not your granny’s gray.”

They do, however, finally get to the point and feature three so-called ordinary woman whose already gray hair is made more spectacular with sharp cute cuts and several products that highlight silver strands.

Apr 10


Cait found this photo in an ad for an insurance company and immediately concluded this poor lad had been disabled by his hair.

Marty had a boyfriend who had hair just like this. In fact, Marty herself had hair like this! Ahh the ’70s.

Apr 10

We’re always on the hunt for ad copy that belies reality and we found one in Touch of Gray - “For the generation that swore it would never get old. And didn’t.”

touch-of-gray.pngThis product from Just For Men purports to be the first hair treatment that lets men keep a little gray - apparently just enough to appear dignified but not decrepit.

In addition, Read the story about the options men have today to deal with gray hair - or a little less of it.

Eds. Note: As for the generation that believes it never got old, we’re thinking there must be a generation of portraits of Dorian Gray in some attic somewhere.

Mar 25

Charla Krupp has written a book called

charla-krupp.pngCait, however, cracked it open and decided the title should be “How to Give Yourself a Classy, Timeless Make-Under,” or “How Not to Become a Tacky Caricature of Your Former Youthful Self.”

Basically, Krupp’s book advises how to look the best for the age you are - not how to try and look young. It gives good tips on less being more - especially when it comes to eye makeup. Krupp’s tips even led Cait to buy a fun and flirty hair piece that looks so real you can’t tell it’s not.

The only part of the book that really let us down was Krupp’s opposition to low-heeled sensible shoes. What is a Gimpy Girl to do? Cait wrote the author and asked just that but has yet to hear back. In the meantime, we’re sticking by our sensible shoes and looking forward to Krupp’s response.

Eds. Note: We will send a copy of Krupp’s book to the first person who sends us a useful tip for The Gimpy Girls web site, be it a tip on a good Gimpliment or a tip about how to live life easier and safer. Our friends cannot apply! Send your tips to

Feb 22

L’Oreal, the cosmetics’ giant, says nearly half of women older than 40 no longer dye their hair once the gray starts to appear.

Marty was a natural brunette for years, and a bottle redhead for years after that, until she let her silver grow out. She reserves the right to dye again, but loves her shiny silver hair as much as she did her red and brunette days.

Cait, a natural blond who has yet to see a single strand of gray, found Marty this article on MSN on how to grow-out your gray and keep it shiny and gorgeous.

Click here for tips on how to gray gracefully.

Aug 25

Gwyneth Paltrow — W MagazineGwyneth Paltrow was recovering from a bum knee when W magazine decided to incorporate her crutches into a long-scheduled photo shoot.Gwyneth Paltrow with daughter Apple
Yes, she’s Gwyneth - blond, lean and lovely by dint of DNA. But she sure makes crutches and pajamas look good. Notice in the photo of her in “real life” - with her daughter, Apple - she’s wisely padded the top of the crutches for a little relief.