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Nov 30

Read the story illustrates how computer learning centers across the country are helping older people gain computer skills needed to return to work.

Sep 26

The Lap Strap is a stretchable shoulder sling used to carry your laptop.

picture-5.pngWe see how the Lap Strap would benefit Gimpy people who are unsure of their grip and it might keep a valuable laptop from falling off a desk or the folding tables of planes. The Lap Strap also makes a laptop that much more portable because you don’t have to carry the computer in a bag.

However, while the Lap Strap might make it easier to tote a laptop around the office, half the point of putting it in a bag is to buffer it from getting knocked around.

If you’re on the move, it’s likely you’re still carrying a purse, a briefcase or a book bag large enough to store a laptop. So they’re either bumping into each other with the Lap Strap or you store the laptop in the bag sans Lap Strap.

You decide. Click here to see a video of the Lap Strap in action.

Sep 15

What a handy item for people with neck issues who want to know what is happening behind them when they’re on the computer.

mirrors2.pngAttach this to the edge of your computer and you can see what your spouse, your children and your pets are up to behind your back.

The 3-inch convex mirror, which attaches to the computer with Velcro, gives a wide-angle view of the scene around you and the secure feeling of having eyes in the back of your head.mirrors1.png

Gimpliments - is more expensive than similar items on the market. But it looked better made - and more attractive - than the others we considered.

Aug 5

If you’re like us, you’ve found learning about Social Bookmarking on the Internet intimidating and frustrating.

But we understand its power and how it makes web pages easy to organize, remember and share - all potent tools for aging boomers and for those of us who are disabled.

The old and unwieldy way of bookmarking meant linking a site to our browser Tool Bar, but that left us with lists of Web sites which we tediously had to scroll through to find anything. Too complicated.

Now we’re using, which you will see when you click on “Share This” at the bottom of each of our posts. is free, helps you link to sites you like and then organize those links so you can access them with ease.

To help you, and us, we’re periodically going to post the clearest and simpliest videos we can find that explain the ins and outs of social bookmarking, networking, widgets and other gizmos that can make it easier for us to use the Internet.

Let’s start by clicking on the video below:

Jul 25

Warning: Cait & Marty gush over Apple iPhone - again

Being gadget crazy yet technologically impaired, we are gung ho to control their home lights, appliances and security system with the iPhone Marty bought herself and then loaned to Cait, who hasn’t given it back.

iphone.pngWe know X-10 wireless gadetry that makes this work, but we see how this could give you more independence at home.

For example, using Marty’s iPhone Cait could control her TiVo (if she had one), her computer, her home security system and her lights - inside and out.

Using the iPhone as a remote control would save Cait extra steps when she inadvertently leaves the stove on and it would be lovely to light the bathroom before she walks in.

Again, remember, we know from bubkus of what we speak, but we have faith in Apple and your local Apple store or seek a geek who worships All Things Apple.

To learn more about Steve Jobs, click here to read his profile in Dickipedia - a Wiki of Dicks.

Click here to see a brief video of the iPhone being used as a remote.

Eds Note: As we’ve noted previously, we have leaned on Apple products for years and appreciate their elegance, simplicity and intuitiveness. Apple, in our opinion, nearly has mastered the right side of the brain. Once software for Apple products easily and accurately translate speech into the written word, we will be in Code Monkey heaven.

Jul 11

Cait picked up this cute little

usb-airplane.pngIt won’t cool your whole body but the air sure feels nice on your face or on the back of your neck on hot and humid days.

The fan - 3.5″ Long x 3.75″ Wide (Wing Span) x 3.5 Tall - is very quiet, has an on-off switch and the blades are soft plastic, so you won’t hurt yourself if you come in contact with them. The blades just stop.

They are a number of little USB fans on the market but the stability of this one seems better than some and it stays upright without flopping over.

Eds. Note: This fan would like best on a pristinely clean desk. But it’s ended up on Marty’s, which means it’s in competition with numerous books, papers, pens and even an egg-timer that migrated from Marty’s kitchen. She becomes so absorbed in computer work that she forgets what she’s got in the oven or on the stove. Hence the egg timer.

Sep 21

If you’re a laptop user, you’ve objected at one time or another to the amount of heat a laptop transmits. Cool Feet is a simple design solution.

Cool FeetThe four compact and removable supports temporarily fix to the bottom of laptops with suction cups. Simple to attach and detach, they raise the laptop just enough to allow a constant cooling airflow, whether your computer is in your lap or on a table.

Cool Feet also create a comfortable ergonomic angle for the keyboard, which we appreciate because we have wrist and hand issues. After typing on an angled keyboard, it’s really uncomfortable to go flat again.

Jul 5

Many older people remain resistant to computers and, therefore, are without e-mail. As one person told Marty, “E-mail is too zippy.”

Presto Services Inc. now offers technology that lets people without computers read e-mail. Recipients get printed e-mails but have no keyboard or computer screen for responding.

Brian Bergstein, the technology writer for the Associated Press, tested the Presto system on his grandparents who are in their 80s. His grandfather thought he wouldn’t like using it.

But the opposite happened - his grandparents were elated by even being brought part way into the e-mail fold, which meant a steadier stream of photos of their great-grandchildren.

“When you’re 86 and 87, such new sources of joy aren’t always easy to come by,” said Bergstein.

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