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Dec 21

Public family restrooms, sometimes called Unisex restrooms, are becoming more popular as buildings are renovated to keep up with the changing needs of society.

These flexible rooms accommodate two adults comfortably, are big enough for a wheelchair, come with changing tables and afford more privacy than single-gender restrooms.

They solve the dilemma of which bathroom one gender is supposed to use while assisting the other gender, letting a grandfather, for example, assist his young granddaughter without having to narrow their choices to the men’s or women’s bathrooms.

Learn more from The American and watch for one in your airport, train station and department store.


Aug 24

In the Gimpy House of the Future every bathroom will have a hi-tech Japanese toilet/bidet with heated seat, warm-water rinse, warm-air drying and electric lift.

The WashletFor today, however, we must be content with viewing the Washlet Web site, which flashes the viewer with a lovely array of perfectly shaped smiling rear-ends.

While sanitizing toilets have been used in Japan for years, the phenomenon is new to the United States. And what better way to sell something to an American than to market it as making us HAPPIER!

“I never thought my toilet could be an oasis of comfort and happiness. Who knew,” gushes one customer at Washlet Web site

The Washlet made by Toto Corp. - Japan’s largest toilet maker - and similar models from rival Inax Corp. and NAIS Corp. do hold benefits for the Gimpy, which you’ll see on the Washlet web site.

Models in use in Japan include arm rests and electric lifts that tilt the seat up and forward to help the user stand. Others include sensors that measure blood sugar in the urine and calculate the user’s pulse, blood pressure and body fat through sensors in the seat.

We especially want the one with air conditioning below the rim for hot summer days. (We are not making this up!)

Click here to learn why women especially appreciate these toilets and why some of Inax’s toilets play the opening of Felix Mendelssohn’s Op. 62 Nr. 6 Fruhlingslied.

Aug 18

Thumbs up on the signs for accessible toilets at the National Stadium in Beijing!

bathroom.pngIt’s refreshing to see something other than the traditional white-on-blue sign with a wheelchair - especially since it seems to be a little space dude the Chinese are using for their Olympic bathroom signs.

The imagery is clear. In any language you know these loos are equipped for people with disabilities and we like that the little space dude is looking at you.

(via tvnz)

Aug 5

We always seem on the verge of running out of toilet paper and have wondered why more homes don’t have holders for two rolls like public toilets.

toiletpaper.pngGranted, you can get by with one role but, sooner or later the primary roll unexpectedly runs out on you - or worse, a guest - and rarely is the spare roll conveniently at hand.

The nice thing about this

Instead, there are circular projections on each side that fit snugly into each roll’s cardboard center. Quick and foolproof.

Jul 21

The that lets you flush without needing to use your hands or touch the toilet handle.

foot-flush.pngEric Herbst, a musician, invented it to reduce the spread of germs and then discovered it was a boon to people with arthritis and back issues, parents of young children and caretakers of adults with disabilities.

When Herbst’s band would play in bars, he - like many of us - would flush the toilet with his foot because he didn’t want to touch the toilet handle.

Then one day he attached his drummer’s bass pedal to a cord and ran the cord up into the tank where he clipped it to the rubber flap that controls water flow.

And voila! The “Foot Flush” was born.

Click here to view an installation of the Foot Flush.

Eds. Note: Imagine hooking a Foot Flush to a Fish ‘n Flush or a Fish ‘n Flush to a Washlet. That would take bathroom living to a whole new level.

Jul 14

Let’s admit it: We are preoccupied with poo. And I’m not talking about little kids - I’m talking about me and you.

poo-book.pngPoo is an important part of life - one that we should know more about, especially as we age and our innards turn fractious, if not down right obstreperous from time to time.

A fine book for the throne when you are engaged in those constitutional moments, it includes such chapters are Pebble Poo, Deja Poo, The Hanging Chad, The Honeymoon’s-Over Poo, unusual case histories of poo and more than 60 euphemisms for No. 2.matches.png

If you are considering this small tome, you might want to add these Happy Bathroom “Stink Bomb” Companion Matches by Pee Yew Mfg Co. Ltd.

The double slide-out drawers contain 110 wood match sticks. Think what a fine addition this book and these matches would be for your bathroom. Or better yet, for your loved ones come their birthday or as their stocking stuffer during the holiday season.

Eds. Note: And if you’re looking for daily inspiration,

Jun 1


We are agog over a water-saving toilet featuring a real fish aquarium in the toilet tank.

AquaOne’s Fish ‘n Flush is double-hulled so the fish don’t flush. The 1.6-gallon toilet tank can’t be seen behind the 2.2-gallon aquarium, nor can the two aquarium aerators and filter.

Megan Fernandez, 23, of Tampa, Fla., says her Fish ‘n Flush is popular, especially with her young niece. “She is in the bathroom all day long when she visits,” Fernandez said. “She loves that toilet.”

Eds Note: Being aquarium enthusiasts, we do caution about the limitations of the Flush ‘n Fish. The web site shows a saltwater Clown fish and a tank of freshwater fish. The tank is too small for a Clown fish or that many freshwater fish to survive.

If you get a Fish ‘n Flush, or any aquarium, please research what will live happily in your tank.

Feb 8

When you have to go, you HAVE TO GO! But too often we’re out of luck in our cities when it comes to finding a clean, neat, safe, graffiti-free, working public restroom - with toilet paper.

Gimpy Guru Jane Brody, of The New York Times, says Sydney, Australia, tops all when it comes to accessible public toilets. But if you can’t hold it till Sydney, click here to read Jane’s suggestions for finding decent restrooms closer to home.

As usual, Jane is informative and on-the-money about this being a public health issue too long overlooked in most cities.

Jane also found this great site called The Bathroom Diaries, which describes and rates restrooms in cities throughout the world, including China, Turkey or South Africa.

She suggests planning ahead for your next trip and printing out the Bathroom Diaries list of public facilities in the cities you plan to visit in the United States, Canada or some far more exotic location.