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Apr 21

Shower heads are a perfect environment for a dangerous bacteria related to tuberculosis. Mycobacterium avium thrives in wet, dark environments and can invade the lungs when sprayed from a shower head.

While healthy people are not at risk, the microbes can be dangerous for pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems, says the National Academy of Sciences.

“Unfortunately, shower heads have nooks and crannies that make
them hard to clean. Products with bleach can temporarily remove many
microbes, but they just grow back,” researcher Leah Feazel said.

Feazel recommends changing shower heads two to four times a year or switching to a metal shower head and letting the water run a few minutes to flush out pathogens. Bathing is a option because the water droplets are too large to penetrate the lungs, she said.

Jul 23

We don’t know if this is being sold in North America, but in Britain they have a ceiling-mounted dryer that purportedly eliminates the need for towels.

body-dryer.pngUsing a remote control, you adjust the heat and power and then “simply stand and enjoy the warm air” flowing around you from the Triton Body Dryer.

The Triton would benefit people with limited mobility, especially those who have trouble bending, balancing or need help in toweling off.

Featured below is a demo of the dryer on YouTube. But since the video features a nude young woman caressing her lithe glistening body, you may be asked to sign in to YouTube and promise that you are over age 18.

Eds. Note: Writing about the nude in the Triton video made us remember the scene in the movie “Knocked Up,” where the testosterone-driven characters seek to create a Web site listing the exact times to the second when naked nubile nymphs take to the screen in popular movies.

Our site, however, is different. Purists, we disdain popular movies and document nudity found only in home health products.

Oct 29

This 2008 “Fit House” in Portland, Ore., has a practical renovation for an existing bath.

By removing one wall and adjusting the height of the sink, they were able to enlarge the bathroom and make it more suitable for wheelchair users and children in this family.

(Via My Home Ideas)

Oct 24

Mazeltov to the Pressalit design team that created the bathroom seen above. This is Universal Design at its best.

Everything but the toilet is on rails that move horizontally and vertically, so you can fit a loo, a sink and a shower seat in one small space with drainage in the floor.

It’s brilliant for wheelchair users but would benefit anyone needing flexibility in bathroom fixtures — and who doesn’t?

We include the tongue-in-cheek video below as a bonus, pretty much just for your entertainment. It’s obvious the Pressalit company has a sense of humor — they rank their soft-close toilet on the same scale of importance as the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Oct 24

Ron Arad’s quixotic rotating bathtub/shower rivals his hat for most unusual fixture in this video for Teuco bath products (where the models never remotely resemble you or me.)

Arad’s prototype bath is oddly compelling, fun and a little whacky - much like the chandeliers he designed a few years ago where you could send a text message to the lights from your cell phone saying you’d be a little late for dinner. As for Arad’s hat … well, in our opinion, it’s just whacky.

(via GoodDesignAgeWell)

Sep 8


Many of us stop using conventional bathtubs because we worry about falling when we step in and out of the tub.

It’s manufacturer says TubcuT converts an existing bathtub to a step-in shower in about half a day and for far less money than remodeling the bathroom.

TubcuT can be used on an existing fiberglass, acrylic, steel or cast iron bathtub, which can be restored should you ever want to return the tub to its original height. Click below to see a video of TubcuT being installed. For Cait’s take on grab bars click here and to learn about the hand-held shower head Marty uses, click here.

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Aug 26

This stylish sensor pump has gotten rave reviews and would be a boon to people with limited hand mobility and arthritis.

pump.pngIt automatically dispenses liquid soap - or hand lotion - by simply placing your hand under the sensor. Four settings let you determine how much soap or lotion is dispensed based on the thickness of the liquid.

The drawback is it operates on four AA batteries. So many small appliances do these days that it pays to own rechargeable batteries and a charger, which are easy to find these days at reasonable prices.

Cait wants one of these sensors but won’t allow one in the house because her husband, Doug, would take such a fancy to it that they would run through batteries in no time.

To see a video click here and then on the video icon to the left under the photo of the sensor.

Aug 5

We always seem on the verge of running out of toilet paper and have wondered why more homes don’t have holders for two rolls like public toilets.

toiletpaper.pngGranted, you can get by with one role but, sooner or later the primary roll unexpectedly runs out on you - or worse, a guest - and rarely is the spare roll conveniently at hand.

The nice thing about this

Instead, there are circular projections on each side that fit snugly into each roll’s cardboard center. Quick and foolproof.

Jul 23

Cait is wistfully eyeing the Neptune Reclining Bath Lift.

tub-seat-up.pngWhile we review many Gimpliments Cait dearly would love to have, this one is on her mind more than most.tub-seat-down.png

The Neptune lowers you into the tub in a seating position with a firm back support, then lets you remain upright, or recline gently, until you’re ready to rise back up via the remote control.

Getting in and out of a slippery tub is so risky for Gimpy people, so we can see how this would add to our safety - and to our comfort during our long Wisconsin winters.

(Thanks to Mark at Going Like Sixty.)

May 15

Marty wears glasses as thick as proverbial Coke bottles and, when she takes them off, often has trouble identifying one product from another in the shower.

rubberband.jpgCait tipped her to this easy solution of putting wide rubber bands around the shampoo. It makes it easy to identify the bottle by touch and, for those with dexterity issues, less likely to drop a wet, slippery, bottle because the wide rubber bands give you something to grip.

FYI: The bands used on bundles of asparagus in the grocery store work great.

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