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May 15

This video is an ad from Kaiser Permanente - a great ad which took Michelle Shocked’s song “When I grow up I want to be an old woman” and turned it into an outstanding visual celebration of older women.

We’re betting you’ll watch it more than once!

Sep 29

Cait watched the Gimpliment for every household and office.

telestik.pngBilled as “The smallest most portable reaching aid,” the TeleStik’s magnet, hook and adhesive let you retrieve items from high kitchen cabinets or from under a heavy sofa or behind the washing machine, where you dropped the sock.

Cait says she watched a woman with limited strength and hand mobility delight in being able to pick up with ease a wallet, a fallen magazine and car keys.

After watching the video on the TeleStik Web site, Marty got one and uses it to pick up dropped pens in the office and retrieve pins while sewing — you know, the ones that don’t get found until you step on them.

TeleStik comes in several models, is lightweight and can fit in your purse.

Jul 23

We don’t know if this is being sold in North America, but in Britain they have a ceiling-mounted dryer that purportedly eliminates the need for towels.

body-dryer.pngUsing a remote control, you adjust the heat and power and then “simply stand and enjoy the warm air” flowing around you from the Triton Body Dryer.

The Triton would benefit people with limited mobility, especially those who have trouble bending, balancing or need help in toweling off.

Featured below is a demo of the dryer on YouTube. But since the video features a nude young woman caressing her lithe glistening body, you may be asked to sign in to YouTube and promise that you are over age 18.

Eds. Note: Writing about the nude in the Triton video made us remember the scene in the movie “Knocked Up,” where the testosterone-driven characters seek to create a Web site listing the exact times to the second when naked nubile nymphs take to the screen in popular movies.

Our site, however, is different. Purists, we disdain popular movies and document nudity found only in home health products.

Aug 25


backsaver.pngStout’s friends liked it so much they transferred the grip to their garden and snow shovels, rakes, push brooms, pool skimmers, paint extension poles, tree trimmers and saltwater fishing rods.

Its creator says this back-saving Gimpliment improves the performance of long-handled tools by transferring effort from the back to the legs, which lets the user stand up straighter under a heavy load and ease the strain on the back, neck and shoulders.

Click here to see a video of the backsaver in action.

Aug 24

In the Gimpy House of the Future every bathroom will have a hi-tech Japanese toilet/bidet with heated seat, warm-water rinse, warm-air drying and electric lift.

The WashletFor today, however, we must be content with viewing the Washlet Web site, which flashes the viewer with a lovely array of perfectly shaped smiling rear-ends.

While sanitizing toilets have been used in Japan for years, the phenomenon is new to the United States. And what better way to sell something to an American than to market it as making us HAPPIER!

“I never thought my toilet could be an oasis of comfort and happiness. Who knew,” gushes one customer at Washlet Web site

The Washlet made by Toto Corp. - Japan’s largest toilet maker - and similar models from rival Inax Corp. and NAIS Corp. do hold benefits for the Gimpy, which you’ll see on the Washlet web site.

Models in use in Japan include arm rests and electric lifts that tilt the seat up and forward to help the user stand. Others include sensors that measure blood sugar in the urine and calculate the user’s pulse, blood pressure and body fat through sensors in the seat.

We especially want the one with air conditioning below the rim for hot summer days. (We are not making this up!)

Click here to learn why women especially appreciate these toilets and why some of Inax’s toilets play the opening of Felix Mendelssohn’s Op. 62 Nr. 6 Fruhlingslied.

May 17

These two products help people locate your home quickly by turning ordinary lights into flashing beacons.

911-beacon.pngThe Beacon, seen here to the left, is a porch light that screws into an ordinary socket. The Flasher, seen to the lower right, is an adapter that screws into a lamp in your home.

The flashers on both products activate by simply flipping the light switch twice.lamp-adapter.png

In an emergency, the flashing light could be a signal to neighbors you need help.

The flashers also help fire and police visually locate your home quickly without have to search for an address that may be hard to read, or obscured by physical objects or poor weather conditions.

May 15

The Gimpy Girls routinely use ice packs for one ailing body part or another, and we’ve found that homemade ice packs work as well, if not better, than ice packs bought in the store. They’re certainly cheaper and mold much easier to your body than many commercial ice packs.

To make them, mix three parts water with one part rubbing alcohol in a freezer zip-lock bag and insert that bag in a second bag for insurance against leaks. Put it in the freezer and in a couple of hours the contents will set up to a firm slush. To make it softer, add a little more alcohol.

Marty learned this trick from a physical therapist years ago. These ice packs last seemingly forever and certainly come in handy.

Eds. Note: Because the alcohol is poisonous, consider labeling the bag so everyone using the freezer knows it is not edible. And if the ice pack is too cold, put a wash cloth between it and the affected body part so you don’t ice burn yourself.

Mar 9

In the winter, we become obsessed with heat and moisture and the TheraTherm Digital Moist Heating Pad fills both bills.

theratherm.pngIt is the only heating pad we’ve ever tried that fits like a horse collar over our neck and shoulders and has a digital handset so you can set the temperature manually from 88 to 166 degrees Fahrenhei. That’s hot!

The flannel-covered pad has a little heft to hit so it drapes nicely and gives the feeling of really deep heat. Marty wears it while working on the computer in winter to take the kinks out of her “office posture” and to relieve a nerve in her back that acts up.

We find the controls logical and idiot proof and the design first-rate. This heating pad is built for a lifetime.

Eds. Note: As with any heating device, this pad should be monitored on elderly people and those with disabilities unable to monitor the control themselves.

Feb 8

When you have to go, you HAVE TO GO! But too often we’re out of luck in our cities when it comes to finding a clean, neat, safe, graffiti-free, working public restroom - with toilet paper.

Gimpy Guru Jane Brody, of The New York Times, says Sydney, Australia, tops all when it comes to accessible public toilets. But if you can’t hold it till Sydney, click here to read Jane’s suggestions for finding decent restrooms closer to home.

As usual, Jane is informative and on-the-money about this being a public health issue too long overlooked in most cities.

Jane also found this great site called The Bathroom Diaries, which describes and rates restrooms in cities throughout the world, including China, Turkey or South Africa.

She suggests planning ahead for your next trip and printing out the Bathroom Diaries list of public facilities in the cities you plan to visit in the United States, Canada or some far more exotic location.