Tempered by extreme weather and physical disability, Cait credits “stoic cheerfulness” for her ability to surmount obstacles. Born in, and formed by, the ice of Manitoba, Canada, Cait’s life-long love of music, art, and architecture has led her to a creative life of advocacy for all who live with disabilities.

As a young adult Cait pursued a singing career while managing group homes for developmentally disabled adults. At the University of Manitoba, where she earned a degree in Art Education, Cait founded a theater group for people with disabilities and was the first president of UManitoba’s disabled students group.

Representing Canada and the United Nations, Cait has worked to raise awareness and find solutions for people with disabilities in North America, China, Latin America and the Caribbean. She served on the board of the Council of Canadians with Disabilities and the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women.

Today Cait lives with her husband, Doug, in the Upper Midwest of America where she is a Certified Water Aerobics instructor, a docent at a major modern arts museum and a member of “Arts 4 All” a collective of disabled artists.

Cait loves purple, the TV show “Leave it to Beaver” and she believes that Elvis Costello married the wrong woman.

Contact her at cait(at)