Bladder Matters: Public Toilets

When you have to go, you HAVE TO GO! But too often we’re out of luck in our cities when it comes to finding a clean, neat, safe, graffiti-free, working public restroom - with toilet paper.

Gimpy Guru Jane Brody, of The New York Times, says Sydney, Australia, tops all when it comes to accessible public toilets. But if you can’t hold it till Sydney, click here to read Jane’s suggestions for finding decent restrooms closer to home.

As usual, Jane is informative and on-the-money about this being a public health issue too long overlooked in most cities.

Jane also found this great site called The Bathroom Diaries, which describes and rates restrooms in cities throughout the world, including China, Turkey or South Africa.

She suggests planning ahead for your next trip and printing out the Bathroom Diaries list of public facilities in the cities you plan to visit in the United States, Canada or some far more exotic location.

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2 Responses

  1. Carolg Says:

    Yeah, finally a place to find and plan for toilet visits while on vacation. Now I can drink my water and not worry so much about it. Thanks.

  2. MaJe Says:

    Try Freshette, a “feminine urinary director” by Sani-Fem, Inc. (It’s essentially a funnel you hold up to your body and pee through.)Other companies make them as well. It’s great for camping and hiking (I can’t hike any more due to my disabilities, but I can camp if we can get enough oxygen in the car to last us). AND, when the only restroom available is filthy, a woman can pee, at least, without sitting down. Sani-Fem even makes a FUD that is designed for wheelchair users. They all seem to market for outdoorswomen, but I think it’s something we should all know about. It’s made my life easier.

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