Battling The Beetles

Those bastardly Japanese beetles have descended but we’re staying on top of them with this lightweight plastic pitcher, a little soapy water and a wood spoon.

beetle.jpgWe don’t use pesticides in The Gimpy Garden and so have to gather up the beetles in early morning and around dusk when they are having sex on the asparagus vines and are too caught up in their reverie to fly away.

Hold the pitcher under the beetles, bap the vine with the spoon and the beetles tumble right into the soapy water. At peak beetle season, we daily catch between 30 and 50 of the prolific little buggers.

Cait finds the pitcher and spoon lighter and easier – especially when she must reach – than anything else we’ve used previously to capture the little devils.

Eds. Note: Our posts and photos often give the impression that our gardens run smoothly and our plants always prosper. Were that the case.

This year we’ve had a terrible siege of blight that scalded the foliage of many of our tomato cans and several containers of cukes. Our basil has been decimated by beetles and Marty stepped on a bumblebee and her foot swelled like a boiled jumbo hotdog. Two days later, Marty’s rubber garden clogs tripped her up and she hit the concrete driveway hard. Finally, Marty has so many mosquito bites on her right now that Cait says Marty looks like a “bad addict” with needle tracks. Ahhh, Summer living.

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