Adjusting For A Car’s Blind Spots

All of us, able-bodied or not, need to do more to keep ourselves and those around us safe on the road. Here are tips from The National Safety Council for reducing or eliminating blind spots by adjusting your car mirrors:

1) Sitting in your parked car, lean toward the driver’s-side window until the top of your head just touches the glass. Now, adjust the mirror so you can see just the tip of your left rear bumper.

2) Lean toward the center of the car and adjust the passenger-side mirror so you can see just the tip of your right rear bumper.

3) Sitting upright in the driver’s seat and glancing into the side-view mirrors, you now should have clear views of the lanes on either side of your car and not be able to see your car at all.

Traffic leaving your sight in your rear-view mirror now will pop into sight in your side mirror. And when it vanishes from view in the side mirror, you now should be able to pick it up with your peripheral vision.

To change lanes or merge with on-coming traffic you need only to tip or turn your head slightly, without needing to twist your head and shoulders to see traffic behind you.

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  1. lauren Says:

    thank you for this information and guidelines,its so important to stay super alert driving and clear visibility like that keeps you safe and away from sudden traffic behind you and surprises in the road.-

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