Accessible Yacht Ours For $150,000 A Week!

The M-V Argyl has yet to be snatched up for the 2008 holidays for a getaway in the British Virgin Islands - her winter home.

yacht.pngThis baby is fully accessible on every deck and down every hallway. There’s even a wheelchair-accessible swimming platform.

Scott Rains, who uses a wheelchair and writes the travel blog Rolling Rains, says he likes to share big dreams. So if the Gimpy Girls round up with Scott, we only need seven more people for a romp aboard the Argyl, which has five staterooms that sleep 10.

The Argyl, from Waypoint Yacht Charter Services, has a two-week booking minimum so if we each chip in $30,000 we’re there. Last one in the Jacuzzi picks up the caviar tab!

Eds Note: After sleeping on it, we see we can’t charter the Argyl this year. We try to budget for our vacations and $90,000 (for Marty, Cait and her husband, Doug) is a bit of stretch for us this year. Sorry Scott.

Cait has promised, however, to make a match-stick replica of the Argyl for her coffee table, which will keep the Argyl in the forefront of our budget planning for 2009.

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