A Little About This Site

If you’re searching for solutions, go right to the categories column on the right-hand side below “Favorite Posts.”

The categories begin with “Citizen Cane”, a catch-all about things people with wobbly architcture need to know. Then comes cuddly “Critters” followed by “Gimpliments” - a noun invented by Cait to describe anything with the potential to make life easier. The Gimpliments category is a treasure trove, but hardly complete, so tell us what we’re missing.

Below that is Marty’s Twitter ravings, (Cait raves under the name Catherine Boldt on Facebook.) and then you see two stars, one contains our “Gimpy Glossary” of definitions and the other the “Sites We Like” online.

Last but not least, there’s the “Great Giveaways” star back near the top of the page. (We mention it last because there’s a good chance you looked at it before you came here.) Our Great Giveaways always are worth more than $25 and most often, much more. To enter, you need only leave a comment under the give-away-post.
(Because of postage costs, the winner must be in North America!)

So thanks for checking us out and let us hear from you!

Cait & Marty
Cheerleaders for the less than perfect.