A Fish ‘n Flush For Every Home!


We are agog over a water-saving toilet featuring a real fish aquarium in the toilet tank.

AquaOne’s Fish ‘n Flush is double-hulled so the fish don’t flush. The 1.6-gallon toilet tank can’t be seen behind the 2.2-gallon aquarium, nor can the two aquarium aerators and filter.

Megan Fernandez, 23, of Tampa, Fla., says her Fish ‘n Flush is popular, especially with her young niece. “She is in the bathroom all day long when she visits,” Fernandez said. “She loves that toilet.”

Eds Note: Being aquarium enthusiasts, we do caution about the limitations of the Flush ‘n Fish. The web site shows a saltwater Clown fish and a tank of freshwater fish. The tank is too small for a Clown fish or that many freshwater fish to survive.

If you get a Fish ‘n Flush, or any aquarium, please research what will live happily in your tank.

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