Surefire: Expensive, But Simply The Best

For about five years now, we have carried the small and extremely powerful Surefire Executive Elite tactical flashlight, which is fully operational with one hand.

Surefire Executive EliteWith four times the intensity of a Mag-Lite, yet just a fraction of the size at 4.5 inches; 3.2 ounces, the rugged Elite fits easily in a purse, pants pocket, car glove apartment, or the drawer by the bed.

The Elite is so bright it will blind a person for a few seconds - which makes it a fairly effective non-lethal self-defense weapon, should that need arise.

It easily illuminates a tree at 40-plus feet and shines into the night like a spotlight. Even the squabbling raccoons in our trees pause when we turn on the Surefire.

The downside is the price, about $79 plus shipping, and the cost of lithium batteries. We did notice the Surefire site now offers a box of 12 batteries for $21, which is a better price than most depending on the shipping.

This flashlight makes you feel secure and the beam is magnificent. This is the last flashlight we will ever need and we recommend it to everyone - except little ones. This is not a toy.

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